Other Land Surveying we can assist with:

There are many land surveying services we provide. Some of these include:

Title Re-Establishments:

These surveys include surveying the land to determine if all measurements of the land accord with what is noted on the propertys Title. Errors can arise when moving fences or making any changes to the land. AGS can provide you with a fast survey, Title pegs placed on site so you can locate the exact boundaries and a plan showing our survey results overlayed on the Title plan. These surveys can assist when building a new home to determine where fences should be placed or if you think a boundary may be incorrect.

Lease Plan Surveys:

  • Gross Lettable Area Plan
  • Gross Lettable Area Plan

Precise Machinery Set Out:

  • Sub millimetre Set Out
  • Level Surveys to 0.01mm

Monitoring Surveys:

We can provide on-going monitoring surveys of:

  • Dam Walls
  • Buildings
  • Sloping Terrain/ Land Slips

Flood Level Surveys:

  • Australian Height Datum Transfer
  • AHD Flood Level Reports
  • Contour Plans

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