Subdivisions, Land Development, Title Re-establishment and Town Planning Applications


All General Surveying specialises in all types of plan/Title applications to Land Registry Services (Titles Office). We are dealing on a daily basis with subdivisions ranging from a simple 2 lot subdivision up to a 300 lot staged subdivision we have currently completed at Riverfalls Estate in Highton. Our other services include:

Boundary Re-alignment Plans
Plan of Consolidation (the joining of titles)
Creation/Removal/Variation of Easement Plan
Dealing with plans with Owners Corporations and Common Property under Section 32 of the Subdivision
Unit subdivisions
Multi-storey Building Subdivision
Commercial/Industrial land subdivisions
Commercial/Industrial building Subdivision
Rural Land and Farm Subdivisions

Town Planning Application

Our service includes preparing all documentation to Council so they can make an informed and accurate decision. The Documentation provided to Council is:

Site Analysis Plan
Design Response Plan
Design Response Report addressing conditions in Clause 56 of the Planning Scheme
Title Re-establishment Surveys

We also provide Site Analysis plans and Site Feature & Level Surveys to designers and Architects throughout Victoria who can also apply for Planning Permit applications on your behalf.

Title Re-Establishments

These surveys include surveying the land to determine if all measurements of the land accord with what is noted on the propertys Title. Errors can arise when moving fences or making any changes to the land. AGS can provide you with a fast survey, Title pegs placed on site so you can locate the exact boundaries and a plan showing our survey results overlayed on the Title plan. These surveys can assist when building a new home to determine where fences should be placed or if you think a boundary may be incorrect.

Transfer of Land Act Applications

AGS can undertake many applications when changes to your Title are involved. We deal with many boundary disputes between neighbours and can correct and confirm Title dimensions to ensure your property accords with your Title. A few of these services include:

Amend Titles with an error under Sec 99 or 103 of the Act
Convert ‘Old Law’ Deeds to Certificates of Title under Sec15 or 26 of the Act
Claim Land by Possession under Sec 60 of the Act

Many of these applications can be confusing and time consuming, our Licensed Surveyor can provide the right advice before proceeding with these surveys. Call us for an obligation free quote and advice on (03) 5221 2057.